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Mission Statement

Bible Learning Institute (BLI) opens and sets forth the Scriptures in a way that leads to dialogue in community and encourages personal investigation of Scripture (Acts 17:3, 11). BLU nurtures, equips and strengthens disciples in a relationship with the Lord Jesus by promoting knowledge and wisdom, reflecting on spiritual matters, and encouraging dialogue and discussion.

To achieve this mission, we promote individualized degree programs in order to accommodate the numerous possible directions in which the Lord is leading His people in ministry and service. For example, many are called to teach, but not all. Some are called to heal, comfort, write, uncover new understanding, preach, or lead a fellowship. The list is endless. For that reason, the required courses are limited so each student can then craft a meaningful and individualized program. After completing required courses, sampling some electives and demonstrating a level of proficiency, the student may apply to become a disciple of the teacher of his or her choice. This discipleship program offers further individualized instruction.