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Diploma Programs

The Bible Learning Institute (BLI) offers undergraduate and graduate level programs. All programs require at least 9 SCH of practical experience.

BLI’s courses are offered by faculty members who are qualified in and dedicated to their teaching disciplines. Some courses are delivered on-line with varying degrees of instructor oversight. However, most are in an independant study format. Members of BLU’s faculty occasionally offer lectures, seminars and symposia held in Albuquerque and other venues.

All incoming students must demonstrate a general knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments as well as basic writing skills. Weakness in any of these areas will necessitate courses in Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament, and/or Written Communications.



Qualify to teach in a specific area of study under the direction of one teacher.

Bachelor's Degree

BA in Biblical Studies

Take 3rd and 4th year courses to earn a diploma.

Master's Degree

MA in Biblical Studies

Earn a Master of Arts diploma in Biblical Studies.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Diplomas

Earn a D.Min. or Ph.D. diploma.