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Online Application

Within 7-10 days of submitting this application, you will receive a phone call from someone at The Bible Learning University who will discuss with you various options that you may wish to consider.


Certification Program (How to Search the Scriptures)

Degree program (Biblical Studies)

Personal Information

Birth date
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Email Address
Best time to contact
Country of Citizenship


Briefly describe the ministries you are currently involved with:


List below all previous academic and professional training (post-secondary education)

School/Location Attendance Dates Degree Received Date Received or Expected

List your undergraduate major:

List your undergraduate minor:

If you have pursued graduate study, specify the field of concentration

When do you expect to begin your studies?

Portfolio Credit

The Bible Learning University may grant equivalent (portfolio) credit for life, work, and/or ministry experience. List below any experience you think might be related to Bible learning and life application.


Please submit the names and contact information for both:

  1. Your most recent Pastor, pastor-figure or ministry mentor, and
  2. Another Christian leader who has worked with you in ministry, or who is able to assess your strengths, weaknesses and potential for ministry.

We will send you the required reference forms to be completed by each person. You must alert them ahead of time that you have submitted their names, and then follow up with them in a couple of weeks to ensure that they have returned the forms to us. These references will serve as a baseline for mentor/colleague feedback, and will become part of your student file in the Registrar’s Office.

a. Pastor/Mentor Reference

Phone number

b. Christian Leader Reference

Phone number

Personal Statement

In the spaces below, please exhibit your best writing and thinking skills by developing an essay that responses to the following:

1. What persons, events, and other factors have significantly influenced your journey with God thus far?

2. Describe the significant motives, convictions, persons and/or experiences that have led you to pursue an education in Biblical studies.

3. What forms do you expect your ministry to take in the future (such as pastor, teacher, counselor, minister of education)? What do you hope to accomplish in this ministry?

4. Evaluate the abilities you possess for Biblical studies and those that will be used in your intended ministry.

5. When you are not in church, at work or in school, how do you enjoy spending your free time? How often do you get to enjoy these activities?

6. In studying at the Bible Learning University, what areas of needed growth do you hope will be developed by your experience with us? Also, what areas of strength do you believe the Bible Learning University can help you develop?

Note: Your Personal Statement may be used as a benchmark for advising and assessment purposes, and thus may become part of your file in the Office of the Registrar.