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Bachelor of Arts Diploma

The BA diploma program requires 126 SCH including 60 SCH of Transfer and/or Credit for Learning Experience, of which 22 SCH must include the General Education requirements listed below. Please note that BLI does not offer the General Education courses that are required for the BA diploma. These general education requirements must be transferred from another institute of higher learning. In addition, a minimum of 30 SCH must be BLI courses. You will be assigned an Advisor who is a member of the BLU staff. Together with your Advisor you will design a draft degree program that you will submit for approval to the University’s Academic Committee.

General Education Requirements:

  • 6 SCH English
  • 3 SCH Mathematics
  • 4 SCH Laboratory Science, including 1 SCH Lab work
  • 3 SCH Social/Behavioral Science
  • 3 SCH Humanities
  • 3 SCH Fine Arts

Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Biblical Languages
  • Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures, Part 1
  • A Window into Bible Times
  • Scenes of Israel from Exile to the Messiah.

Areas of specialization (minimum of 15 SCH from one of the five areas of specialization listed below):

  • Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures
  • Bible Customs and Manners
  • Advanced Hebraic Studies in Christianity
  • History & Geography of the Holy Land
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Hebraic Nature of the New Testament

Minimum BLU SCH: In order to receive a BA degree from BLU, there is a minimum requirement of 30 SCH of BLU specific classes that include the required courses listed above. The remaining SCH may be fulfilled by additional BLU courses, Transfer Credit, and/or Credit for Learning Experience.