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Master of Arts Diploma

The MA diploma requires a total of 48 Semester Credit Hours, and candidates must already have a Bachelor’s degree or diploma (or equivalent).

All Master’s Diplomas are subject to individual evaluation of transcripts listed on the Application for admission and Credit for Experience submitted in a Portfolio. You will be assigned an Advisor who is a member of the BLU staff. Together with your Advisor you will then design a draft degree program that you will submit for approval to the University’s Academic Committee.

Required Courses (12 SCH):

  • Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures, Part 1
  • Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures, Part 2
  • Reading Biblical Hebrew, Parts 1 and 2 or Reading Biblical Greek, Parts 1 and 2

Areas of specialization (minimum of 18 SCH from one of the five areas of specialization listed below, not including prerequisite areas of study listed above):

  • Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures
    (18 SCH in addition to Ancient Methods 1 and 2)
  • Bible Customs and Manners
  • Advanced Hebraic Studies in Christianity
  • History & Geography of the Holy Land
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Hebraic Nature of the New Testament