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AM 101: Recovering the Foundations of Christianity

Prerequisite:    None    SCH: 3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $100.00
(DVD/Workbook Combo - for Self-Study: $75.00)

This program is designed for those who want to learn more about the Hebraic Foundations of Christianity. Scripture is viewed, not as two separate testaments, but as one unified message from God. The 12 lectures will take you back to the first century, the time of Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus), in order to perceive the Holy Writings the first way Christians would have heard the Word of God. An important feature of this program is the emphasis placed on developing skills, which will help you uncover a depth of meaning in Scripture. Includes contributions by Dr. Diana Dye, Foundations in Torah.

Recovering Foundations

Session 1:      How Christianity Became a Religion
Session 2:      Historical Background of the Biblical Narrative
Session 3:      Walking the Land
Session 4:      Jesus was a Jew
Session 5:      Hebraic Nature of the New Testament
Session 6:      How to do a Word Study
Session 7:      First Aspect of Salvation: Rescue from Death
Session 8:      Second Aspect of Salvation: Rescue from Consequences of Sin
Session 9:      Sabbath Rest
Session 10:    Passover and Pentecost: Prophecy Fulfilled
Session 11:    The Fall Festivals: Still Prophetic
Session 12:    One Expanding Covenant

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