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AM 309: The Hebraic Nature of the Gospel of John

Prerequisite:    AM 301: First Century Methods II    SCH: 2

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $
(DVD/Workbook Combo - for Self-Study: $    )

The Book of John is dramatically different from the three Synoptic Gospels - Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Christian theology has tended to view and interpret the 4th gospel in a way similar to Greek philosophy. The new perspective in this 8-part series will examine the Hebraic nature of the Book of John as Hebraic wisdom literature, and the resulting powerful (and sometimes new) messages. The course comes with 8 DVD lectures by Dr. Anne Davis and an extensive workbook.

Book of John

Session 1:      Introduction to the New Perspective
Session 2:      Prologue
Session 3:      The First Sign: Water to Wine
Session 4:      Sign of Healing the Blind Man
Session 5:      Four Witnesses
Session 6:      Portrayal of Yeshua in His Own Words
Session 7:      “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”
Session 8:      Guidance for Disciples

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