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Guided Learning

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval

Cumulative SCH:    15

Guided Learning is not a course, but a block of courses that equal 15 semester credit hours. The purpose of Guided Learning is to add and reinforce areas of foundational knowledge before the student begins work on a D. Min. Diploma project or PhD. Diploma dissertation. Much of the Guided Learning will likely be Independent Study. The substance of this Independent Study will be determined by the student’s Advisor. Each Independent Study course will require approximately 120 hours of work, and will earn 3 semester credit hours toward the degree. Portfolio Credit may be applied to this block of courses based on prior learning experiences.

Independent Study Courses

IS 501: Independent Study
IS 502: Independent Study
IS 503: Independent Study

Guided Learning

All Doctoral-level courses require instructor approval. Your BibleInteract Advisor will provide more information on specific courses for your Guided Learning.

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