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AM 502: Dissertation/Project Prospectus

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH:    3

Tuition:    $120.00

The Prospectus begins with a question that you will be addressing. Explain why you have chosen this particular question and the expertise or experience that you bring to this task. Feel free to share your curiosity about this topic.

The question then should become a thesis, which is a possible conclusion that you think your research might find. Of course, after completing all your research you will likely be drawing a somewhat different conclusion, but the Prospectus simply proposes a possible answer, which is a beginning thesis.

Now you must carefully explain how you are going to examine the evidence. This is an important part of your Prospectus. Here are some questions for you to consider as you prepare to explain how you are going to examine the evidence. What research methods will you use? What kind of evidence will you be considering? Why have you chosen this particular evidence? How will you locate the evidence? Where do you have to go to access it?

You must also, at this point, provide an initial biography of some of the resources that you will be examining. Separate these resources by Books, Edited Books (each chapter by a different author), Articles, Papers (typically presented at an academic society) and Other (e.g. perhaps you have spoken to someone in person).The bibliography will grow after you start your research because each time you consider a specific source there will likely by footnotes and bibliographies that lead you to other resources. However, the Prospectus simply lists an initial bibliography of resources that you will be examining.

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