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AM 504: Dissertation/Project Literature Review

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH:    3

Tuition:    $120.00

After having successfully completed the course, Professional Research Methods, which includes submitting the Workbook exercises to your Advisor for approval, you will be ready to carefully review everything (and we mean everything) that has already been written and published on your chosen topic. Although you will be contributing some new understanding to the Academic community, you will be standing on previous work. The contributions of earlier scholars must be considered and analyzed. You may find them relevant to your topic, or you may decide some of the work is irrelevant. However, you must take notes on everything you review in an organized fashion. When you are finished, you will hand in an annotated bibliography of the literature you have reviewed.

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All Doctoral-level courses require instructor approval. Your BibleInteract advisor will provide more information on an individual basis.

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