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AM 505: Professional Writing Seminar

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH:    3

Tuition:    $120.00

The Writing Seminar will help you compose one of the chapters for your final dissertation or project that will review the literature you have just examined in the previous course, Dissertation/Project Literature Review. This chapter will be entitled Focused Literature Review. There are two parts to this Writing Seminar, and you will apply these same skills when writing the remainder of your dissertation or project in the final course, Dissertation/Project Writing/Defense and Publication.

  1. Organize thoughts in a logical manner that a reader can easily follow.
  2. Learn to self-edit in order to accomplish a professional writing style.


  1. William Strunk and E. B. White, The Elements of Style
  2. Jefferson D. Bates, Writing with Precision

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All Doctoral-level courses require instructor approval. Your BibleInteract advisor will provide more information on an individual basis.

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