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AM 506: Dissertation/Project Research

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH:    3

Tuition:    $120.00

If you are writing a dissertation, you will conduct research on your chosen topic. If you are working on a D. Min. project, you will conduct your study and test it. In both cases you will be following the guidelines that you presented in your Prospectus. As you work, you must organize your notes so that you will be able to easily retrieve what you have discovered. When Ph.D. students complete this research, they will hand in a bibliography of the sources they have examined. This bibliography does not need to be annotated. D. Min. students will hand in a copy of their findings that have been catalogued in an organized manner.

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All Doctoral-level courses require instructor approval. Your BibleInteract advisor will provide more information on an individual basis.

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