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AM 507: Dissertation/Project Writing, Defense and Publication

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH:    15

Tuition:    $120.00

You will use the skills you learned in the Professional Writing Seminar to compose a written report on your research if you are a Ph.D. student or your project if you are a D. Min. student. We highly recommend that you allow your Academic Advisor to review and comment on each specific chapter before you continue writing. This will help you avoid major revisions when you have completed the composition. When your Academic Advisor has approved what you have written, your work must be scrutinized and approved by a Review Committee composed of scholars who are familiar with your field of research. After approval by the Review Committee, your work will be published by The Bible Learning University, which will retain one copy and will distribute a second copy to you. If you choose, your Academic Advisor will help you consider other avenues of publication.

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All Doctoral-level courses require instructor approval. Your BibleInteract advisor will provide more information on an individual basis.

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