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CA 201: The Gospel According to Moses

Prerequisite:    CA 101: A Window into Bible Times

Semester Credit Hours:    3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $
(DVD/Workbook Combo - for Self-Study: $    )

Long before the Spirit of God tabernacled in the heart of redeemed man, He tabernacled among His chosen people in a portable desert dwelling known as Moses' Taberncale. There is much to be learned about the character of God from the numerous types and shadows that prevail throughout the Hebrew Scriptures as they point prophetically to the redemptive work of Yeshua. Moses' Tabernacle is a subject that has been largely ignored or bypassed by much of the Church, yet it is most worthy of serious study. As you educate yourselves about the earthly dwelling place of Almighty God, you will meet Him in a new and more powerful dimension. Come along with Dr. Jacks for the pilgrimage of a lifetime! This study includes an introduction to the meaning of types and shadows.


Session 1:      God Seeks a Dwelling-Place Among His People
Session 2:      Constructing and Positioning the Tabernacle
Session 3:      The Linen Fence, Pillars, Tent Pegs, Gate, and Outer Court
Session 4:      BThe Four Tabernacle Coverings
Session 5:      The Brazen Altar – The Place Where Sin was Judged
Session 6:      The Cleansing Lavar – The Place Where Sanctification Begins
Session 7:      The Golden Menorah – Illuminating the Holy Place
Session 8:      The Tab;e of Showbread – The Bread of His Presence
Session 9:      The Altar of Incense – A Rendezvous with the Almighty
Session 10:    The Tabernacle Veil – Guardian of the Presence of God
Session 11:    The Ark of the Covenant – A Glimpse of God’s Glory
Session 12:    The Priestly Garments

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