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AM 301: First Century Methods II: Uncovering Patterns in Scripture

Semester Credit Hours:   3 Tuition:   $125.00

Prerequisites:    AM 201: First Century Methods I
Learn the Greek Alphabet

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This is an extended intermediate course that follows “First Century Methods of Searching the Scriptures: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study.” In this course you will be working exclusively in the Hebrew Scriptures. You will continue to grow in your ability to “think with an ancient Hebraic mindset” and you will become more proficient with skills that will enable you to uncover the depth of meaning. You will then learn how to see patterns in Scripture and to “let Scripture interpret itself” as the people of the ancient world would have done.

The goal of this course is to help you perceive patterns from the many details you have uncovered. You will then learn how to organize your thoughts in a way that communicates to others what you have discovered.

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Next session begins:    January 31, 2016.
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Advanced review of First Century Methods I
Session 1:     Listen for Literary Devices
Session 2:     Language of Judgment
Session 3:     Literal versus Artistic
Session 4:     What to do with a Citation
Patterns in Scripture
Session 5:     Pattern from a Word Study
Session 6:     Pattern by Connecting the Two Testaments
Session 7:     Pattern from a Theme

These sessions will lead to a complete presentation project (you will have a choice of a written or spoken project).
Session 8:       Outline of Evidence (1 week)
Session 9:       Introductory Paragraph (1 week)
Session 10:     Draft Paper
Session 11:     Self Edit 1 (1 week)
Session 12:     Self Edit 2 (1 week)

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