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AM 303: Genesis, Part II

Prerequisite:    AM 302: Genesis I        SCH: 3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $
(DVD/Workbook Combo – for Self-Study: $    )

Genesis, Part II covers chapters 12-26. This course will build on the skills learned in Genesis I, which are teaching you how to penetrate a depth of meaning. Dr. Davis demonstrates this expertise as she uncovers hidden meaning about Abraham and Isaac. The program is designed for group study or for individual work with a study partner, which will promote the Hebraic approach of dialogue and discussion. It includes 8 DVD lectures and an extensive workbook.

The goal of this course is to help you learn and practice certain skills so you can penetrate the depth of Scripture.

Genesis I
Genesis III
Genesis IV


Session 1:      Leaving the Nations
Session 2:      God’s Covenant with Abraham I
Session 3:      God’s Covenant with Abraham II
Session 4:      Sodom & Gomorrah
Session 5:      Right the Wrong of Hagar
Session 6:      Offering of Isaac
Session 7:      Covenants and Inheritance
Session 8:      Isaac

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Degree students taking this course as independent study for credit MUST purchase the Workbook/DVD combo at the BibleInteract store.

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