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AM 305: Genesis, Part IV

Prerequisite:    AM 304: Genesis III        SCH: 3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $
(DVD/Workbook Combo – for Self-Study: $    )

Genesis, Part IV, covers Genesis 39-50 and continues to build on skills learned and practiced in Genesis Parts I-III. In this final course in the Genesis series, Dr. Davis demonstrates this expertise as she uncovers hidden meaning about Joseph. The program is designed for group study or for individual work with a study partner, which will promote the Hebraic approach of dialogue and discussion. The course comes with 8 DVD lectures by Dr. Anne Davis and an extensive workbook.

The goal of this course is to help you learn and practice certain skills so you can penetrate the depth of Scripture.

Genesis I
Genesis II
Genesis III


Session 1:      Joseph “Goes Down” to Egypt
Session 2:      Joseph in Prison
Session 3:      The Power of Words
Session 4:      Testing of the Brother
Session 5:      Testing Continues
Session 6:      Jacob and his Family Come to Egypt
Session 7:      Manasseh, Ephraim & the Birthright
Session 8:      Prophetic Blessings

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