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AM 306: Isaiah, Part I

Prerequisite:    AM 201: First Century Methods I        SCH: 3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $
(DVD/Workbook Combo – for Self-Study: $    )

The book of Isaiah is divided into three distinct historical periods. Part I of this program covers Isaiah 1-39 in which the fierce and brutal Assyrians are approaching. Isaiah was prophesying from Jerusalem to God’s people using the language of wrath and judgment whose purpose was to motivate the Israelites to stand for God. Although the Assyrians took the 10 northern tribes into captivity, God performed a miraculous rescue for the two southern tribes in Judah. This course will take you deeper in your understanding, and will also teach you how to penetrate a depth of meaning. The program is designed for group study or for individual work with a study partner, which will promote the Hebraic approach of dialogue and discussion. The course comes with 8 DVD lectures by Dr. Anne Davis and an extensive workbook.

The goal of this course is to help you learn and practice certain skills so you can penetrate the depth of Scripture.

Isaiah II
Isaiah III


Session 1:      Yeshayahu the Prophet
Session 2:      Interpreting the Book of Isaiah
Session 3:      Intro to Linguistic Artistry
Session 4:      Historical Background
Session 5:      Language of Prophecy
Session 6:      Parable of the Vineyard
Session 7:      Isaiah and the New Testament
Session 8:      Prophetic Future

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