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AM 503: Professional Research Methods

Prerequisite:    Instructor Approval        SCH: 3

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $120.00
(DVD/Workbook Combo - for Self-Study: $95.00)

Professional Research Methods has been designed for graduate and doctoral students working on a thesis (M.A.), dissertation (Ph.D.), or major project (D.Min.). It fosters the growth of specific skills needed for a professional research endeavor, and leads the student, step-by-step, through the complex process of completing three written exercises: a logical argument that supports a claim, a review of the academic literature, and the introduction to your thesis, dissertation, or major project.

The lectures are in audio format. There is a workbook that accompanies the lectures that will lead the student through the process of research, and offers instruction for composing an introduction to the final paper, a chapter on the literature review, and an outline that will develop the paper in a logical method of presenting evidence and drawing conclusions.

Session 1:     Walking through the Minefield of a Thesis, Dissertation or Major D.Min Project
Session 2:     Convert Your Topic to a Strong Research Question: Ask the Right Questions
Session 3:     How to Dialogue with the Academic Community: Connecting with your Readers
Session 4:     Begin your Research: Older Secondary Sources
Session 5:     Identifying Bias and Resisting Early Conclusions
Session 6:     Converting the Research Question to a Research Problem
Session 7:     Continue Research: Current Secondary Sources (Journal Articles and Dissertations)
Session 8:     Saving Time: Taking Professional Notes and the Art of Skimming
Session 9:     How to Recognize Reliable Sources
Session 10:   Storage and Retrieval of Data
Session 11:   Gathering Evidence: Primary Sources (Ancient Documents)
Session 12:   Elements of a Logical Argument and Drafting a Written Composition
Session 13:   Looking for Patterns in the Secondary Literature & Composing a Literature Review
Session 14:   Writing the Introduction to your Thesis, Dissertation or Major D.Min. Project

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This is 14-session audio course. Degree students taking this course as independent study for credit MUST have instructor approval prior to taking this course. Contact your BibleInteract advisor for more information.

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