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AM 201: First Century Methods I: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study

Semester Credit Hours:     4

$125.00 (online)/$100.00 (Self-Study for Credit)
(Self-Study DVD Workbook, no credit: $75.00)

Prerequisite:    Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

Required Texts:
Holman Bible Atlas
by Thomas V. Brisco

Manners & Customs in the Bible
by Victor H. Matthews

We often let others interpret Scripture for us. However, sometimes we decide to go farther so we participate in a Bible study class at church or take a hermeneutics course at a college or seminary. Yet, this course is quite different. You will be learning ancient methods that penetrate the depth of Scripture. To do this you must learn to think with an ancient Hebraic perspective.The course is the result of several years of work and study by Dr. Davis to recapture a Hebraic way of thinking and first century methods of searching the Scriptures. “It changed my life,” she explains, “because, with this approach to studying the Scriptures God began to show me an incredible depth of understanding, not only about Him but also about what He is doing in this world.”

The goal of this course is to help you learn and practice certain skills so you can penetrate the depth of Scripture.

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Next session begins:    August 21, 2016.

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Degree students have the option of taking this course online or as independent study. The online course is offered every fall and, if taken as independent study, students MUST purchase the Workbook/DVD combo at the BibleInteract store.

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