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HG 101: Scenes of Israel from Exile to the Messiah

Prerequisite:    NoneSCH:    2

Tuition (when taken for credit):    $65.00
(DVD/Workbook Combo - for Self-Study: $45.00)

The Bible is largely silent about the 450 year period between the return to the land of Israel by a remnant of Jews who had been held captive in Babylon, and the coming of the Messiah under Herod, a vassal king of the Romans. Yet, a knowledge of this Intertestamental Period (between the end of the Old Testament narrative and the beginning of the New Testament) is essential for understanding the background and foundation of the appearance of the Messiah. In this course, Dr. John Moore discusses the 450 year period from exile to the Messiah. There are 5 lectures and an extensive workbook.


Session 1:    The Babylonian Exile
Session 2:    The Persian Empire
Session 3:    Alexander the Great
Session 4:    The Hellenistic Period
Session 5:    The Arrival of Rome

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