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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

You will enjoy this introduction to Biblical Hebrew taught by Dr. Anne Davis. There are only seven lessons, but they will give you an overview of the structure of the language and will help you build a foundational knowledge of vocabulary. Download the corresponding workbook containing practice exercises as you work through each session.

If you wish to learn more than this introduction offers, consider taking the Bible Learning University online courses entitled Biblical Hebrew I and Biblical Hebrew II. The two prerequisites for Biblical Hebrew I are to learn the Hebrew alphabet and to review the seven lessons listed below. The prerequisite for Biblical Hebrew II is Biblical Hebrew I.

The following introductory lessons will open in a new window.

Part 1: Noun Sentence (download Part 1 Workbook)
Part 2: Feminine Nouns (download Part 2 Workbook)
Part 3: Plural Nouns (download Part 3 Workbook)
Part 4: Pronouns (download Part 4 Workbook)
Part 5: Adjectives (download Part 5 Workbook)
Part 6: Possessive Endings for Nouns (download Part 6 Workbook)
Part 7: Verb Tense Complete (download Part 7 Workbook)

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