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BibleInteract teachers are volunteers, and while we are happy to donate our time, the costs of filming, production, equipment and operating expenses are significant. We simply cannot operate without the generous donations we receive from our partners who pledge a monthly donation are members who receive access to all our teachings (partners also have access to our teachings).

Please consider making a donation, in addition to your $10 monthly membership, and help us to continue providing the most extensive collection of on-demand biblical teachings by world-class instructors available on the web.

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All our teachings are the result of in-depth research and study of God’s Word. Many of our projects respond to questions: “What does the Bible say about..?” Your donation will help fund the next research project. A monthly donation pledges your ongoing support, which we receive with deep gratitude. Partners who pledge a monthly donation have access to all our teachings and receive advance copies of our work-in-progress. We acknowledge our corporate sponsors through various media including TV programs, DVD teachings, and educational books, booklets, pamphlets and study guides.