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A Story of Love that Lasts

Is true love only for the young?  No!  It lasts a lifetime.

Several years ago I was staying with my parents in a hotel.  I was awakened by the moans of my father who lived in chronic pain.  As my heart was crying out to God to give him relief, I heard my Dad say to my Mom, “I love you with all of my heart.”  It was so beautiful that my Dad, in the midst of his suffering, only thought of loving my Mom.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I said to God, “Lord, let my husband love me that much.”

Well, the Lord answered that prayer two weeks ago.  I was awakened by my husband shouting for me to come to him.  I found him lying on the kitchen floor.  His words to me stopped my heart, he said, “Patty, this is it.”  I immediately cried out, “NO! in Jesus’ name, NO!.”  For I knew what Larry was referring to, the specter of diabetes has been hanging over our heads from the beginning.

Larry and I have been married 46 years.  When we married, Larry had been an insulin dependent diabetic since age 12.  At that time, I knew nothing about diabetes but through the years I have learned of God’s provision of healing for Larry, and that Larry is an exceptional diabetic. 

Today as always, Larry is meticulous in diet, and insulin pump therapy.  At age 70, Larry still plays racquetball in the challenge class at Clovis Community College twice a week and rides his bike nine miles a day on any day when the temperature is above 60 degrees and the wind is blowing less than 15 miles an hour.

That day two weeks ago in the emergency room, it happened. Larry was thinking of me, thanking me, saying all those things that I knew but are beautiful beyond measure to hear from his lips.

Every day now, Larry continues to tell me that I am his beloved. For 30 years I have called Larry, “Dodi”.  I never knew why or even what it meant.  But when I took Hebrew, I discovered “Dodi” means “My Beloved.”

Larry is recovering from a broken ankle. Nothing was wrong with his diabetes or his heart because as it is written in Romans 5:5 Larry’s heart is filled with the eternal love that the Father has poured into it through the Holy Spirit.

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