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Book Review: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study

“Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study”
Author: Dr. Anne Kimball Davis
Review by E. Avallone

The title tells it all! Dr. Davis has produced a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to ancient methods of ‘Bible study’. Each chapter thoroughly describes one step and is built on the foundation of the previous step. When you reach the top you will have learned a radical new way to study the Scriptures and know your Messiah.

“Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study” was born out of Dr. Davis’ discovery and conviction that our western, Greek understanding of the Scriptures has led to interpretations and doctrines which are far removed from the intention of the original Author. The ancient Hebrew culture, even up to the time of Messiah, applied and interpreted the Scriptures in a vastly different way. By analyzing the myriad of ‘clues’ in the text, and by researching the works of other scholars, Dr. Davis has recaptured a Hebraic way of thinking and recreated first century methods of searching the Scriptures.

A certain amount of any written message is lost when the original is translated and ‘trans-cultured’. (I just invented that word.)  This frustrated me for many years because I sensed from the structure and vocabulary of the Scriptures that something was ‘missing’. Our lack of understanding Hebrew idioms is a blaring example of cross-cultural loss of meaning. Dr. Davis’ “Ancient Methods of Bible Study” has radically transformed the way I read, study, and apply Scripture.  Meriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines “radical” as “very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary”. This method was the missing piece of Bible study for me. I highly recommend that you learn it.

“Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study” is available in three formats. This review describes the book published by BibleInteract, available at and at  However, I learned these methods through an online course offered by BibleInteract University, which you can find at, because I happen to need the structure of a formal course. It is also offered as a self-study course that you can find at