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Division in Hebraic Roots Fellowships

“Learning how to uncover the depth of Scripture by myself has completely changed my life.” So declared one of our students. She was referring to the course, “Uncovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study.”

I suggest we have lost the ability and confidence to find “all the answers to life and godliness” that are embedded in the depth of Scripture (2 Pe 1:2-3). I further suggest that the interpretive fragmentation among many Hebraic Roots fellowships (and 38,000 Christian denominations) is characteristic of Greek thinking that promotes one truth. The Greek perspective elevates mankind as capable of finding this truth. Hebraic thought, on the other hand, declares that truth resides in God. Mankind can only stretch to come closer and closer to this truth.

A common Jewish saying declares, “Where there are two Jews, there are three opinions.” What is important is the (often heated) dialogue and debate among the participants who treat each other as equals. Even more important is the relevance of biblical support and evidence to the discussion.

How do you draw conclusions from Scripture? I have observed (at least) five ways, and I will list them in the order of maturity. Which one is yours?

1. Tradition (what you have been taught)
2. Charismatic speaker (teaches what you want to hear)
3. Interpretation of others (authors and sages)
4. You draw a conclusion from Scripture that “feels” right
5. You uncover your own answer from Scripture (valid because you can demonstrate convincing evidence)

We now offer two options for self-study so you can learn ancient methods of uncovering the Scriptures. You can grow in your ability to “think Hebrew, not Greek.” You can learn how to “listen” to the text to hear startling linguistic clues that will help you uncover deeper meaning. You will be drawing closer and closer to God.

• 12 DVD lectures and workbook
• Book (just published): Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study

There is a third way to learn these ancient methods. BibleInteract will offer a course this fall called “Uncovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study.” You will cover similar material as the book and DVD lectures/workbook, but Dr. Anne Davis will be actively involved with your activities. You will participate in constructive dialogue with your peers, and for better or for worse, you will have to follow a set schedule.

Chose the method that works best for you, but don’t wait. Learn how to “think Hebrew, not Greek.” Practice uncovering the mysteries in Scripture that God has embedded there for those who want to draw close to Him.

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