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Finding Gems in the Scripture

2016 was a wonderful year of learning how to use Ancient Bible Study methods in order to discover the hidden secrets, the gems, that the LORD has placed in His Word. Every word that was written by the men and women of the past was inspired by the LORD. I was taught in Seminary that there are errors and contradictions in the Scripture. After working with Dr. Anne Davis I have learned that there are no errors nor contradictions in the Scripture. The LORD wanted us to find what appears to us to be errors but rather are deep spiritual messages. God wanted His Word to be written in a certain way, using certain words, and even sometimes having words misspelled, so that it would catch our eyes and hopefully force us to probe deeper into the Scripture. It is expected by the LORD for us to read His Word being ready to ask lots and lots of questions. The main premise of Ancient Bible Study methods is asking questions.

I have been working with a class of students as we examined Luke 16:19-31, Lazarus and the Rich Man. They were amazed when I asked them over twenty questions about these 12 verses of Scripture. Once their eyes were opened up and they learned that they are expected, by the LORD, to ask questions it was incredible what happened. This class then turned to the book we are studying, “The Book of the Watchers” from 1 Enoch. The eighth chapter has 5 verses. The class developed 42 questions, yes 42 questions, about this chapter. We have a very deep understanding of the meaning of what we have examined thus far in this extra-biblical book. I raise this example to encourage you to take advantage of the Ancient Bible Study Methods videos, DVDs and workbook that is available from Bibleinteract.

In addition, I would be remiss not to advertise my new teaching series titled “Discovering Biblical Treasures.” In DBT I take a passage of Scripture which I am studying for my Sunday Sermon delivery and walk you through the Ancient Bible Study method for the passage. A good Hebraic teacher wants his/her students to eventually surpass them. Therefore, the overall intent of Discovering Biblical Treasures is to help all viewers to come to a point where they are questioning the Scripture in the same manner I learned from Dr. Davis and the teachers at Biblinteract. The Word of God has been placed in our hands for a reason. That reason is for us to come closer to the LORD by discovering what the LORD has placed in His Word for us to find. God bless and I hope to see you at Discovering Biblical Treasures on ROKU or at