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Invite God to your Wedding

One of my favorite television shows is “House Hunters”. What never ceases to amaze me is that most of the couples are not married. I hear them say that they are just trying out the relationship, and yet they are buying a house together. The truth is, they can know ahead of time if it will work out.

As my husband and I celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary this weekend, I do so in sadness, even grief, that the current generations have lost two extremely precious truths on which we have built our lives together.

The first truth was that we would not get married unless we belonged to the same church. Larry and I grew up attending two different denominations. Growing up in church from infancy to adulthood, we both knew that the only way for our marriage to last, and for us to raise up Godly children, was for us as a couple to first become united in God. Genesis 2:21-22 says it was God who created and married Adam and Eve.

It took us seven months to come to an agreement, and it seemed as if the whole time the Lord was revealing himself uniquely to each one of us. A pastor gave us the wisest solution. He would say, “Let’s see what the Bible says about that,” which always led us to Jesus. Since we both knew only two things, that we loved Jesus and we loved each other, we came into agreement. Later, I remember thinking that we could now face anything in life because God had guided both of us in making the most important decision of our lives, to make him the head of our home.

The second precious truth is that the love between a husband and wife is actually Jesus’ own eternal love in them and it will last a lifetime. I spoke at my children’s weddings because I felt an intense need to share the good news about lasting love. Many experience divorce because they don’t know John 14:23. Jesus said, if a man or women loved God and obeyed his commandments, then the Father and His Son would live and abide with them.

When we, as husband and wife, lose “our feelings” of love for each other, it is always caused by our own sin. We repent of our sin and ask for a fresh infilling of Jesus’ eternal love, and he is so faithful that he has answered us immediately when we pray.

We live on to year #48 in that enduring love.