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The Faith of My Nephew Geoff

Geoff was barely 14 years old when his father Craig died following a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia. Two weeks earlier, I had flown in to be with them.  The first night I was there my sister asked me to daily drive the kids twenty miles each way to the hospital in downtown Seattle.

My first response was absolute panic! She was asking me to drive her car in six lanes of rush hour traffic, WITH HER CHILDREN IN THE CAR.  I immediately began to fear, but then I remembered that I had come to help her and I needed to do whatever she asked without fear.

The next morning I backed her car out of the garage and stopped. I asked the two children to pray for Aunt Patty (that’s me). This is what Geoff prayed, “God, I have prayed for only one thing in the last three years, for you to let my Dad live, but today help Aunt Patty drive safely.”  My heart stopped beating when I heard Geoff’s prayer and I said to myself, well of course, God will heal his father Craig in answer to Geoff’s three year-long prayer.  What mighty faith lives in Geoff!

Prior to being admitted to the hospital, Craig’s love for his wife and two children had prompted him to write a letter to each of them. Craig sealed the letters in an envelope that read, “Don’t open unless the leukemia wins.”  Craig then gave the envelope of letters to my sister who placed them in the file cabinet unread.

Two weeks later we stood at Craig’s bedside as he entered heaven and that night Geoff opened and read the letter from his Dad.

Craig wrote to Geoff, “Just remember that my passing is all part of God’s plan…which only He understands. I want you to stay strong in your faith. God will put his arms around you and get you through the tough times…I love you! I’m proud of you!  You are very special!”

Did God answer Geoff’s prayer for his father to live? I believe so.  The spirit and love of Craig now live in his son who, with a Master’s degree in education, has chosen to be a father/teacher to children in elementary school. Did you know that one out of three children in America live without their biological father?  No one knows better what a father should be than one who has lost his own.

On Oct. 2, 2015 the Spirit of the father became a reality as a firstborn son was born to Geoff and his wife Kassandra. Geoff named his son Felix Geoffrey because his Dad and Mom had chosen that name for him.

God, with tears in his eyes, heard Geoff’s long ago prayer, and His answer to Geoff was to wait. Who knows? The faith of Geoff may cause him to become the father of many nations, an Abraham in this day.