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Vision of a Restored Israel

HaYovel is Hebrew for the Jubilee. This is the name of a Christian-Zionist organization in Israel. In the last 10 years it has produced 2000 tons of grapes and olives harvested by 1700 volunteers from 16 countries, resulting in $22 million added to the Israeli economy.

In the latter days you will understand this.   “At that time.” declares the Lord, “I will be the God of all the families…I have loved you and drawn you…you shall plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria…” Jeremiah 30:24-31:5

Jeremiah was speaking to Israel but in 2004 these verses became true concerning the Tommy Waller family from Tenessee.  Tommy & Sherri were originally from Nashville, with college degrees, five boys and both of them working, when the Lord called Tommy to quit his job. The father God was calling father Tommy back to his children. They moved to the country and learned to live the simple, plain life and to become successful organic farmers.

The blessings in their lives consisted of eating together as a family three times a day.  Sherri homeschooled the children and then the children worked with her and with their father. Each evening they all gathered in the small living room, sang, played instruments, read the Bible and just talked to each other.

It was as they studied the Bible nightly that they saw God’s vision of the restoration of Israel in our day. Tommy realized that the Lord had been preparing his family to participate in aiding the Israeli and Muslim farmers in Samaria.

In 2004 God confirmed the move. The logistics and expense of moving heavy farm equipment and a huge family of eleven children to Israel was like crossing the Red Sea but God made the way.

How do I know this story? In September, 2013, I sat at their table in their sukkah on Mt. Gerizim, the mountain of blessing, surrounded by 90 acres of grapes ready for harvest.

Tommy, with wife Sherri at his side, told us their story. Tommy appears as a patriarch of Israel, a red headed David, huge in authority and yet humble in speech.  Sherri, in her long skirt and head scarf almost covering her shining silver hair, appears as Ruth might have as she came in from the field. All eleven children, some now with spouses and some with grandchildren have chosen to remain as a family group in Israel. The family continues to live the plain, simple life.

Tommy ended their story by saying that recently his picture had been posted on the streets of Palestinian Shechem which meant he could be in danger.  We gathered around them and prayed Psalm 91. (I ask you also to remember them in prayer often.)

It was one of those exultant moments of vision as we surveyed all of Israel from the summit of the mount of blessing, seeing the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy, in our day and with our own eyes. This extremely courageous family, in the midst of ever increasing danger, continues to listen to God and remains in Samaria.

Watch GLC–God’s Learning channel 18 to see the fruit of the parent’s decisions. You will see their two sons on the Joshua & Caleb Report.  The sons are mighty men of God in their own right.

What does it take for children to grow up Godly and possess the high places of the earth?  It takes days and nights and years being in the presence of their father and mother, learning the truth- whose name is Yeshua the Messiah.