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Who is Christ in You

Who is Christ in you? I was drawn recently to words of Paul that he wrote to the Corinthians. Let me give them to you first as we typically read them. Then I will put Paul’s words in a list to convey the manner in which the people of ancient Israel would have heard them.

You belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God. Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. (1 Co 3:23-4:1)

The original Greek manuscripts had no chapter headings or verse numbers. I suggest that these two verses belong together. Now consider how the people of ancient Israel would have “heard” it (they did not have books). I suggest you read aloud to capture its rhythm.
1. You belong to Christ
2. Christ belongs to God
3. You are servants of Christ
4. You are stewards of the mysteries

Consider the progression as you grow in maturity in your Christian walk. First, what does it mean that you belong to Christ? You must know the answer to this question in the innermost part of your heart before you can grow into the next step. I suggest you carefully review Colossians 1:26-27. What is the mystery that Paul has uncovered from Scripture? He says it is “Christ is in you.” But what does that mean?

The next step should take you time to ponder. Ask yourself questions that will lead you to deeper understanding. For example, what does it mean that Christ belongs to God? If Christ belongs to God, and Christ is in you, what is your relationship to God, the Father?

After you have thoroughly matured in steps 1 and 2, you will be ready for steps 3 and 4. I am confident that you know what it means to serve God under the lordship of your Master Yeshua. But let me ask you this. Are you uncovering mysteries from the depth of Scripture? If not, you should be. BibleInteract now offers the course,

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  • cheryll murphy


    Wow…I really miss this deep stirring contemplation of “Who do I say who Christ is!” I just changed “Dr Anne’s written dialog to: 1. I belong to Christ 2. Christ belongs to God 3. I am servant of Christ 4. I am steward of the mysteries. And then: 1. I am in Christ 2. I am in Christ in God the Father. 3. I am servant of Christ in God the Father. 4. I am servant and steward of Christ and the mysteries of God the Father. I am of the Great “I am”. Does this sound arrogant or any where near blasphemous? Does this change of words take away from my reverence to God Almighty? Am I leading myself to destruction by asking such questions perhaps in the way as Eve did by listening to the serpent? How did Judas end up where he did….was it by this very behavior in which I am? I pray for truth to come to me in the name above all names Jesus Christ, Amen


    • Anne Davis


      It doesn’t sound arrogant to me. I think you’ve captured what I also saw. If we both put this understanding into our lives, I think we will have a powerful walk with the Lord.


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