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You have an appointment!

 The Lord spoke to Moses saying, “…the Lord’s appointed feasts that you are to
proclaim as holy assemblies; these are MY appointed feasts.”
Leviticus 23:1-2

Did you know that the very Lord of the universe has his own fall festivals?  Can you imagine God himself calling out to you his people saying, I the Lord want to make an appointment to meet with you on My appointed days in September/October 2014?

 What is an appointed day? It is a set time, an appointment, a rehearsal or recital.  For over 3300 years, Israel by faith has been meeting yearly with the Lord on seven appointed days.

 In the spring, the Lord uses Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Pentecost to reveal the first coming of His Son Yeshua Jesus. These feasts reveal to us his life, his death, his resurrection, and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on all believers.

 In the fall God meets with us on the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and Feast of Booths.  These reveal the second coming of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, the Rapture, the judgment seat of Jesus, the marriage feast of the Lamb and Jesus returning to live with us on the earth.

 I am in awe that the Lord continues giving us a foretaste of his specific calendar of the ages, past and future, every year on his specific appointed days.

 Our world is in turmoil, consumed with fear, because it does not know Yeshua Jesus and it does not know his plans for us.  Yet, we can know the future through celebrating and rehearsing the feasts of the Lord.  The Lord is calling us to come away with Him, to rejoice, to receive his life, and his power, and his Spirit, to receive a foretaste of heavenly delights.

 Many Christians are unaware that Yeshua Jesus, the Son of God, was a Jew, who lived as a Jew, who came to fulfill the Law.  Jesus celebrated the feasts and the church, Jew and Gentile, continued to celebrate these feasts of the Lord and the Sabbath, until they were outlawed by Constantine in 340 C.E.

 Now, in these last days, the Lord is restoring you his people to the full revelation of the church which is one new man, Jew and Gentile in Messiah Jesus.

 The Lord will meet with you on:                                              

                                                Day of Atonement       Oct.3, 2014

                                                Feast of Tabernacles    Oct.8, 2014

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  • Sharleen


    I have been speaking of these Days for a long while now. My family and husband are still in denial of it. But my prayer continues for them to see and hear. In your article you use the word Rapture, what do you mean by that word. There are many believers thinking they are doing just fine and before tribulation comes they will be taken away. It is ingrained in the minds that they will see it no other way, for a Pastor or some other person has convinced them of this. They won’t look at the scripture correctly.


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