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Self Study

BibleInteract makes all of its courses available for self-study. Below is the list of courses that we currently offer. You can view a complete listing of our self-study courses at the BibleInteract Store, or click on the individual links below.

Course Name DVD Audio CD Workbook Book Download Rental
Beginner (Note: Self Study course pages open in a new window.)
A Window into Bible Times: An Overview of the Manners and Customs of the Hebrew People and Their Neighbors X X
Barrenness in the Bible: Curse or Blessing X X X X
Recovering the Foundations of Christianity X X X X
Scenes of Israel from Exile to the Messiah X X X X
Searching the Scriptures: Tools for Bible Study X X
Walking the Land of the Old Testament, Pt. 1 X X
Intermediate (Note: Self Study course pages open in a new window.)
Distinguishing the Gospel of John from the Synoptic Gospels X
First Century Methods I: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study (recommended foundational course) X X
Genesis Part I X X X X
Genesis Part II X X
Genesis Part III X X
Genesis Part IV X X
Hermeneutics: Mining for Meaning X
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (online, downloadable workbook) X
Isaiah Part I X X
Isaiah Part II X X
Isaiah Part III X X
Romans 1-8: Literary & Rhetorical Analysis X
Synoptic Gospels: Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures X
The Gospel According to Moses X X X X
The Hebraic Nature of the Gospel of John X X X X
The Prophetic Symbolism of the Seven Species X X X X
Theology of the Old Testament X
Advanced (Note: Self Study course pages open in a new window.)
Professional Research Methods X
Study to Show Yourself Approved X X
The Book of Hebrews and its Reliance on the Old Testament X
The Book of Revelation X X
The Law is Not a Curse: Paul’s Midrash in Galatians X X