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  • 🎙️ Hitting Rock Bottom

    We will consider three people in Scripture who hit “rock bottom”. In each case, their response led to a blessing that was life-changing. 00:25:05

  • 🎙️ How Paul Challenges Tradition

    In modern times, Paul’s words in Galatians 2 have been taken literally. Dr. Anne Davis gives evidence that he is speaking with sarcasm, which was acceptable during heated debates in ancient times. How does this change the message written in Galatians 2 and how does that challenge our own traditions? 00:20:06  

  • Inheritance of the Birthright

    Dr. Anne Davis goes into detail on the importance of inheritance and the birthright in the Old Testament and that will show the deeper meaning in Paul’s message in Galatians 3:29. 00:22:43

  • 🎙️ Every Offering with Salt Part 2

    Part 2 of this teaching on Salt expounds the reasons behind the command in Lev 2:13, the interchangeability of salt with blood, and the significance these truths have with regard to our understanding the metaphor of salt used by Messiah in the Apostolic Scriptures. 00:24:59

  • 🎙️ Introduction to Midrash

    Midrash was in use in the second temple period, which includes the writings of Paul. They were methods of ancient exegesis that uncovered previously hidden meaning from the Hebrew Scriptures. Are you ready to hear something that challenges your previous beliefs? 00:25:07  

  • 🎙️ Ezekiel’s Two Sticks

    Ez 37:16-19 talks about a future joining of two sticks. What do the sticks represent? This passage is in a chiastic construction, and the Hebrew word translated “companions” leads us to a different conclusion than is generally offered. 00:25:00

  • 🎙️ Isaiah Historical Background

    The Book of Isaiah covers three different historical periods. We must know the historical background to fully appreciate the powerful messages of Isaiah. 00:25:26

  • 🎙️ Father and Firstborn Son

    Scripture declares that the children of Israel are God’s firstborn son, and that God is their Father. “Once a son, always a son” is the conclusion of this study. 00:24:47

  • 🎙️ Israel’s Inheritance

    As God’s firstborn son (Ex 4:24), all the children of Israel are entitled to a special inheritance of leadership known as the birthright. 00:25:01

  • 🎙️ First Aspect of Israel’s Salvation

    A common interpretation finds that only those Jews who believe in the Messiah will be “saved.” First, this teaching examines the biblical meaning of the word “saved.” Then we discover from Scripture that all the children of Israel “belong to God,” just as those with faith in Christ also “belong to God.” 00:25:00

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