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  • 🎙️ Isaiah Historical Background

    The Book of Isaiah covers three different historical periods. We must know the historical background to fully appreciate the powerful messages of Isaiah. 00:25:26

  • 🎙️ Father and Firstborn Son

    Scripture declares that the children of Israel are God’s firstborn son, and that God is their Father. “Once a son, always a son” is the conclusion of this study. 00:24:47

  • 🎙️ Israel’s Inheritance

    As God’s firstborn son (Ex 4:24), all the children of Israel are entitled to a special inheritance of leadership known as the birthright. 00:25:01

  • 🎙️ First Aspect of Israel’s Salvation

    A common interpretation finds that only those Jews who believe in the Messiah will be “saved.” First, this teaching examines the biblical meaning of the word “saved.” Then we discover from Scripture that all the children of Israel “belong to God,” just as those with faith in Christ also “belong to God.” 00:25:00

  • 🎙️ Jacob’s Ladder

    This session conducts a close examination of Genesis 28:10-13 by considering the geography of the event, the greater narrative in which Jacob’s vision occurs, and especially the artistic nature of the biblical text. 00:24:56

  • 🎙️ First Aspect of Salvation for Believers in Christ

    How does the resurrection of Christ lead to the first aspect of salvation? And, if there is a first aspect of salvation, what follows? 00:25:01

  • Galatians Part 1

    This session addresses the basic issues that need to be considered when interpreting Paul and the historic, but distorted, doctrine of salvation taught within Judaism during the first century that Paul had to contend with in order to share the real Good News of Messiah. 00:24:54

  • Galatians Part 2

    This session covers how false Jewish traditions of separation from or association with gentiles impacted and frustrated Paul’s efforts to clarify the REAL Good News. 00:24:52

  • Galatians Part 3

    In this session we discover the central message of Galatians that centers on the idea of forced circumcision and the ‘real’ Good News. 00:24:53

  • Dew of Heaven Part 2

    1 Kings 17 points to the resurrection through the story of Elijah and the widow from Zarephat. An element of atonement is first revealed in the flour jar. 00:25:02

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