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  • Barrenness in the Bible: Curse or Blessing?

    A study of the barren women of the Bible makes it clear that infertility was NOT a curse among the matriarchs; rather it was a great blessing because of the caliber of sons God would bring forth in His appointed time. Through the prolonged season of sadness and shame, each of the mothers-in-waiting learned to […]

  • First Century Methods

    This book and workbook set is part of a course that is the result of several years of work and study by Dr. Davis to recapture a Hebraic way of thinking and first century methods of searching the Scriptures. “It changed my life,” she shares, “because, with this approach to studying the Scriptures, God began […]

  • Heaven’s Matchmaker

    Who is Heaven’s Matchmaker? The Holy Spirit, of course, the One who knows the heartbeat of the heavenly Bridegroom. You are “marrying up” if you choose Yeshua over the enticements of this world. The Holy Spirit has looked through His book, the Holy Bible, and found you the perfect match! Today, honor Yeshua by saying, […]

  • Holy Cow!

    This study is intended to “clear the fog” regarding the mysterious sacrifice of the Red Heifer, a perplexing ritual that not even King Solomon, the wisest man of Israel, ever understood. Modern man, on the other hand, has the privilege of looking backwards in time through the telescope of Bible history to see the fulfillment […]

  • Pathway to the Throne Room

    What does worship mean to you personally? Do you pour your heart and soul before the Lord, or is worship simply an exercise in singing and listening to an inspirational message? Dr. Jacks’ study on worship is intended to usher you into the throne room of the living God, where you will experience His awesome […]

  • Recovering the Foundations of Christianity

    This program is designed for those who want to learn more about the Hebraic Foundations of Christianity. Scripture is viewed, not as two separate testaments, but as one unified message from God. The 12 lectures will take you back to the first century, the time of Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus), in order to […]

  • Scenes of Israel

    Dr. Noreen Jacks teaches that modern man is thousands of years removed from the religious rituals, rich traditions, history, linguistics, geography, and lifestyle of the biblical people. For this reason, it is critical to bridge the cultural gap that exists between our present world and that of the ancients.

  • The Book of Genesis Part 1

    This is an intermediate course that assumes you already know the Genesis narrative. You may or may not have studied some of the interpretations of others, such as Christian theology or the work of the Jewish sages. However, this course not only takes you deeper in your understanding but also teaches you how to penetrate […]

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