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  • 🎙️ How to Understand Paul’s Artistry of Language

    The tragedy of a traditional Christian perspective has resulted in exalting Christians over the Jews. This is due, in part, by thinking that the Jews in Rome were not confirmed believers in Christ, which is an incorrect interpretation. However, the more serious problem is the focus on God’s benefits to Gentile believers in Christ while […]

  • 🎙️ Two Aspects of Salvation

    Who will be saved, and who will not be saved? This is a critical question because Christian different Christian denominations offer several possible answers. As we proceed to examine the concept of salvation in Paul’s message to the Jewish believers in Rome, we will be exploring who will be saved, how they will be saved, […]

  • 🎙️ How Does Elijah Explain the Remnant?

    Paul uses the narrative of Elijah in the Hebrew Scriptures to help us understand the role of the Remnant. God asks, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (1 Kings 19:9) a question that will be repeated in verse 13, but only after God put Elijah through several testing experiences. The repetition forms what I call […]

  • 🎙️ Warning to Christians: “Do Not Be Arrogant”

    Paul’s metaphors of the “first piece of dough” and “the lump” have been woefully misunderstood by Christians because of their reference to Hebraic concepts. So too is the misunderstanding of the imagery of the olive tree. Then Paul’s repetition of “arrogant” rings in our ears. The sense of the original Greek means to exult or […]

  • 🎙️ All Israel Will Be Saved

    Paul presents evidence from Scripture to support his claim that “all Israel will be saved” by citing Isaiah 59:20-21. Traditionally the temptation has been to try and understand Paul’s message from these two verses. However, the people of ancient Israel lived in an oral society where they internalized blocks or portions of the Holy Writings […]

  • 🎙️ Do You Want to Be in the Remnant? A Glimpse of the Remnant’s Future Work

    I would like to share with you some of my research from Scripture on the future role of the Remnant. Knowing the future helps us stand firm today and gives us an incentive to walk in harmony and righteousness with God. We will turn to the Book of Daniel for a prophetic narrative of a […]

  • 🎙️ Are the Jews Cursed?

    English translations use the term “cursed” to describe the Jews whom Paul was addressing in Romans 9-11. In English, the term “cursed” conveys a state of being doomed, condemned, and cut off from God. However, since Paul was conveying a Hebrew concept to Jews in Rome, we must consider the Hebrew word חרם (charam). Join […]

  • 🎙️ Wisdom Literature

    Wisdom literature is a distinct genre, or literary form, that that is prevalent in the Hebrew Scriptures. This session gives examples of wisdom literature in Job and the first chapter of the Book of John. 00:24:59

  • 🎙️ Witness the Resurrection

    What is the relationship between believing in Yeshua, the son of God, and also believing in the resurrection? The answer is largely in the New Testament, but a connection to the Hebrew Scriptures is also significant. 00:25:01

  • 🎙️ Why is Paul so Hard to Understand?

    Dr. Anne Davis gives some examples of Paul’s letters that many theologians have taken literally, causing a devastating effect through history as his words have been assumed as anti-Semitic. Dr. Davis offers significant evidence that Paul uses linguistic devices to provoke a much deeper concept in his writings. 00:23:48

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