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  • The Kabbalah Explains How Jesus of Nazareth Became Divine

    The Christian Trinity is one of the most challenging concepts to understand. This work presents Jesus’ divinity through the secrets of the Zohar and the Book of Formation. The Kabbalah describes the Tree of Life and its Ten Sefirot. A Medieval book, The Ladder of Ascent, relates to Jacob’s ladder and gives an account of […]

  • Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study

    This book compliments the First Century Methods of Bible Study course offered by BibleInteract and discusses ancient methods that penetrate the depth of Scripture with an Hebraic perspective. The goal of this book is help you learn and practice certain skills so you can uncover a depth of meaning from God’s Word. Click here to […]

  • Remnant Part 1: Israel’s Inheritance

    Dr. Anne Davis shows us through Scripture that all God’s children are born to a special inheritance known as the birthright because God calls them His firstborn son. However, simply being born to the birthright does not necessarily mean that receiving that inheritance is secured. Only those children of God who submit to their Lord […]

  • Remnant Part 2: A Remnant of the Church

    You will discover that God is not treating believers in Christ any differently than He was treating the children of Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures. By listening for startling linguistic anomalies, which Yeshua’s audience would have heard, we will uncover a wealth of deeper meaning that points quite dramatically to the future role of the […]

  • Remnant Part 3: The Remnant in the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom

    This study uncovers much new information that is not yet available to students of the Bible. Using ancient methods of searching the scriptures, and exploring linguistic clues in the original Greek and Hebrew text, this project has uncovered provocative mysteries that are embedded in the biblical text. To comprehend these mysteries and the method of […]

  • Remnant Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel’s Annual Festivals

    The mysterious time following the Millennial Kingdom was especially enticing. When I began to tackle the prophetic symbolism of Israel’s annual festivals a roadblock virtually broke and I was flooded with new insights. Using ancient methods of searching the Scriptures, and exploring linguistic clues in the original Greek and Hebrew text, this project has uncovered […]

  • Searching the Scriptures: The Book of Nahum

    There is no historical information about the prophet Nahum including where he came from or the surrounding events in which he composed his writings. Nevertheless, his message not only applied to the people of Israel at the time he prophesied but also has clear application for our lives today. Click here to purchase or for […]

  • Searching the Scriptures: The Power of a Word Study

    One of the most penetrating methods of Bible study is known as a “word study,” which is based on a concept that we can see in the Holy Writings. The purpose of a word study is to penetrate a deeper understanding than what is generated by a literal meaning. God placed both a literal meaning […]

  • Sermons about the Cross: Tell the world about Jesus the Messiah

    This book contains four sermons about the meaning of the Cross and Jesus’ death. The world needs to hear the message of forgiveness of sin by following the example that Jesus demonstrated during His lifetime. He went to the cross because He was a man of peace in an evil world. His death saves us […]

  • Sermons Based on Mark Chapter Thirteen

    This book is a collection of SERMONS and HEBRAIC ANALYSIS of the narratives in Mark’s Gospel chapter thirteen. For the pastor, you have several sermons already laid out for you. For the biblical student, the analysis is to open your eyes to the original meaning of the Bible. Click here to purchase or for more […]

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