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  • Paul’s Midrash about the Curse of the Law

    We will continue to address the second midrash in Paul’s letter to the Galatians. which speaks of “the curse of the law”. My heart grieves to think of all the teaching that is based on a literal interpretation. Paul’s meaning is in the midrash! 00:23:14

  • Paul’s Midrash in the A-chiastic Lines

    We will continue to address Paul’s second midrash in Galatians, which he presents in a chiastic construction. To understand why Paul refers to “the curse of the law”, we must first perceive the chiasm. We will learn in the next podcast that the Law is not a curse! 00:11:19

  • 🎙️ Paul’s Return to Damascus

    After Paul returns from Mount Sinai to talk with God, he returns to Damascus for 3 years, giving him enough distance from the intense scrutiny from the Christian leadership in Jerusalem as well as learning a tent making trade that would help fund his travels. 00:15:48

  • 🎙️ Paul’s Return to Tarsus

    After three years in Damascus, Paul appeared in Jerusalem to engage in discussion with Paul and James, who then sent Paul to his hometown of Tarsus. Paul responded to this crisis (as he responded to many other crisis throughout his ministry) by seeking God for direction and searching the scriptures for deeper meaning. 00:19:47

  • 🎙️ Promise of the Spirit

    Paul declares that believers in Christ have received “the promise of the Spirit through faith” (Gal 3:14). God’s promise can be found in the Hebrew Scriptures, which conveys deeper meaning through the artistry of the language. 00:25:06

  • 🎙️ Prophetic Passages of the Remnant

    God is making a selection out of Israel as to who is worthy to inherit the birthright, which is a special role of leadership. This selection process has nothing to do with “who will be saved.” All the children of Israel belong to God. However, those who inherit the birthright are called a “remnant,” and […]

  • 🎙️ Remnant of the Church Romans 9-11

    It is clear from Scripture that there will be a remnant of Israel. In a previous session we learned that the remnant are those who will inherit the birthright. However, what about believers in Christ? Romans 9-11 reveals that there will also be a remnant from the Church. 00:24:01

  • 🎙️ Role of the Remnant

    God is selecting a remnant out of Israel to play an important future role. After the Millennial Kingdom, a remnant will be led by the Messiah in a victorious battle against the forces of evil, which we can see in the Book of Daniel. Our lives today are a training ground to prepare those who […]

  • 🎙️ Satan’s Giant Army

    We first meet Satan’s giant army in Genesis 6:4. God caused a flood to destroy these evil giants but some survived, and they continue to appear in the biblical narrative. At some future time, possibly after the Millennial Kingdom, the armies of God and Satan will meet in a final battle. 00:24:21

  • 🎙️ John Part 1

    The Gospel is dramatically different from the Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke; Christian theology has tended to view and interpret the book of John in a way similar to Greek philosophy. 00:25:05

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