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  • It’s Elul and the King is in the Field

    In this blog article, Dr. Noreen Jacks explains the unique closeness to God during the month of Elul. This closeness brings an opportunity to repent and enter His presence with a clean heart.

  • The Sin of Eve

    In this blog article, Dr. Anne Davis explores Eve’s sin. Are you prone to the same type of sin as Eve? What exactly did Adam and Eve do wrong?

  • What Does the Garden of Eden Teach Us?

    In this blog article, Dr. Davis explores the deeper meaning in the Garden of Eden. Is there more to the Garden than what appears in the literal meaning? And what does that mean for us as believers?

  • A Brief Intro to Ancient Hebrew

    In this blog article, Dr. Charles Lu illuminates the intriguing history of the Biblical Hebrew language.

  • The Aaronic Blessing

    This blog article explains The Aaronic Blessing, also known as the Priestly Blessing. It was named for Aaron, the brother of Moses, who became the head of the priestly line of Israel. The blessing was inspired by God and offered to the congregation of Israel by the priests in Bible times and is still used today.

  • The Divine Purpose of Creation

    In this blog article, Dr. Charles Lu shares his discoveries about Creation in the Book of Revelation. Why did God create humanity? To reflect His image or is there more to His purpose?

  • Can You Recognize the Holy Ones?

    Dive into the Hebrew with Dr. Davis in this blog article. Who are the “saints” mentioned in Psalm 16:3? And why are they described as “majestic”?

  • Transforming into the Image of His Son

    BibleInteract blog article – What can we do to be transformed into the image of Yeshua? Kaaren Craig offers some practical suggestions you can implement in your life today!

  • Solved! The Riddle of the Begotten Son

    In this BibleInteract blog article – Yeshua is the “only begotten” Son of God but God also calls the people of Israel His “firstborn son”. How can both be true? An understanding of the Hebraic sense of time used in the Bible is necessary to see the full meaning.

  • Can You Move a Mountain?

    In this blog article – You may have heard that Jesus said faith could move a mountain but what did he really mean by this? And what does moving a mountain have to do with the fig tree in the preceding verses? Rev. Dr. Koplitz explains.

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