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  • 🎙️ Dew of Heaven Part 6

    Gideon is pictured as the savior and deliverer who needed a sign. This came in the form of dew on the fleece and dew on the ground. 00:25:01 Dew of Heaven Part 1 Dew of Heaven Part 2 Dew of Heaven Part 3 Dew of Heaven Part 4 Dew of Heaven Part 5 Dew of…

  • 🎙️ 6 Profound Liberal Teachings from Yeshua

    Each of us today has qualities of the ancient Pharisees or those of the Sadducees. Of course, only if we lean too far does it become unacceptable, but we can all learn to overcome any excesses in our attitudes and behavior that become offensive to others from Yeshua’s teachings. 00:19:14

  • 🎙️ Dew of Heaven Part 7

    Isaac bestows a special blessing upon Esau and Jacob in Genesis 27 that is connected to the dew of Heaven. 00:25:01 Dew of Heaven Part 1 Dew of Heaven Part 2 Dew of Heaven Part 3 Dew of Heaven Part 4 Dew of Heaven Part 5 Dew of Heaven Part 6 Dew of Heaven Part…

  • 🎙️ A Depth of Understanding about Baptism

    In Hebrews 6:1-2 we learn that understanding baptism is one of several “elementary teachings.” Yet, there is a depth of understanding to this “elementary teaching.” How deep is your understanding about baptism by water and Spirit? 00:25:03

  • 🎙️ Esau was Unloved

    Our traditional understanding of Esau, as rejected by God, originates, in large part, from a literal interpretation of the New Testament. However, there are two problems: the citation is part of a midrashic argument, and the English word “hate” contradicts the Hebrew meaning. 00:25:15

  • 🎙️ A Holy Book Like No Other – The Masoretic Contribution to Scripture

    Learn how an ingenious system of dots and dashes placed over, under, around, and through the Hebrew letters preserved the pronunciation of the holy tongue. 00:25:04

  • 🎙️ Every Offering with Salt Part 1

    This teaching expounds on the significance and lessons of Salt in Scripture, beginning in Part 1 with its nature and historic use in the Ancient Near East. 00:24:52

  • 🎙️ Accounts of Creation

    There are two different accounts in Genesis that record God’s creation of mankind (Gen 1:27; 2:7). The western approach suggests there were originally two different manuscripts. However, this session promotes a Hebraic understanding that perceives God as the author who included both accounts for a reason. 00:25:10

  • 🎙️ Apostle Peter

    Narratives in the Bible are more than mere stories. They are composed with artistic language that is filled with figurative language. As one example, we will look at the account of the Apostle Peter. 00:25:07

  • 🎙️ Artistry of Psalm 1

    Hebrew poetry appears in approximately 40% of the Hebrew Scriptures. Psalms and Proverbs are written exclusively in poetic form. Learn how to penetrate the deeper meaning of Hebrew poetry through a study of Psalm 1. 00:25:03

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