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  • 🎙️ Language of Wrath and Judgement in Isaiah

    If we read the words of Isaiah literally, it sounds like God has dismissed Israel because of sinful behavior. However, the language of wrath and judgment was intended as instruction, not as condemnation. 00:25:18

  • 🎙️ Loss of Israel’s Inheritance

    Israel’s inheritance is not “salvation” (a Christian concept), but a special inheritance of leadership known as the birthright. However, each individual must exhibit characteristics of leadership or God will remove the birthright for unworthy behavior. However, all the children of Israel, whether they inherit the birthright or not, still belong to God. 00:24:59  

  • 🎙️ Maturity and Immaturity in Christ

    Mature Christians press on to perfection and strive for it. In this session we examine the concept of perfection by starting in the Hebrew Scriptures, and then turning to passages in the New Testament. 00:25:04

  • Mezuzah – Divine Blessings upon Every Home

    Increase your understanding and appreciation of the mezuzah on the doorpost. 00:25:05

  • 🎙️ Midrash in Romans 9-11

    Dr. Davis discusses the research she conducted before writing her book on Romans 9-11. She suggests that Rom 9:1-11:12 is addressed to Jewish believers, and Paul uses halachic midrash and artistry of language that the Jewish believers would have understood. For us to understand these chapters today, we must “think Hebrew, not Greek.” 00:25:02

  • Moses’ Tabernacle

    Take a pilgrimage through God’s earthly dwelling place created by human hands. 00:25:04

  • 🎙️ No Longer Under the Law

    Paul declares in Romans 6:15 that “we are not under law.” However, there are two problems with a literal interpretation. Paul is alluding to the Cain and Abel story, and his words must be read in the context of the NT passage. You will discover that the conclusion is quite different from a literal interpretation. […]

  • 🎙️ John Part 1

    The Gospel is dramatically different from the Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke; Christian theology has tended to view and interpret the book of John in a way similar to Greek philosophy. 00:25:05

  • 🎙️ Parable of Nathan and David

    Parables are a form of commentary on another portion of Scripture, which applies to the Parable that Nathan the prophet spoke to David the king in 2 Sam 12. What follows is subtle artistry of language that leads to a powerful conclusion that applies to our lives today. 00:25:01

  • 🎙️ John Part 2

    The book of John begins with a poetic introduction that we all love. However, there is a deeper meaning in the artistic nature of the language. 00:25:04

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