📕 In the Fullness of Time: Then and Now: A Prophetic Glimpse of the First and Second Comings of Messiah Yeshua

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The fullness of time was appointed and established by God since before the foundation of the earth. Long before time began, the Creator of the Universe was aware that the future fall of Adam and Eve in the garden would affect all of humanity for eternity, thereby necessitating the need of a merciful Savior (Gen 3). For this reason, the Most High God of heaven and earth sent forth His only Son, Yeshua (Jesus), to redeem the fallen world from the deadly wages of sin (Rom 6:23). There are well over 300 Bible verses in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) that foretell the miraculous conception, birth, life, death, and glorious resurrection of our Lord, all of which were fulfilled precisely as spoken by the prophets of old.The Fullness of Time: Then and Now begins with the prophecies of the virgin birth, followed by the miraculous annunciation and birth of John the Baptist, the greatest man who ever lived, according to Yeshua. This study also includes a verse by verse commentary of Matthew 24, a prophetic section of Scripture that relates to present-day events that are all around us. This book is preparation for eternity!

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