📕 A Warning to the Household of God: A Study of the New Testament Epistle of Jude

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Did you know that the sin of apostasy applies to all of God’s people? Apostasy is the deliberate failure to follow and obey God’s holy principles. So, if there are any sins lingering stubbornly in your life, you can be called an apostate. Do any of us exhibit perfect obedience? Certainly not. Fortunately, God only sees our hearts and judges us according to our sincere desire to grow closer to Him in humble obedience. This is a maturing process that requires our recognition of the sinful areas of our life and a true desire to change into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Anne Davis takes us on a journey into the Epistle of Jude to show us that Jude’s message applies to all believers in Christ today and instruct us on how to overcome apostasy in our own lives.Anne Kimball Davis is a professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity Southwest University and founder of BibleInteract, Inc. Her ongoing research has led her to the Hebraic nature of the New Testament, the intimate connection between the two testaments, and ancient methodology used by the Apostle Paul and other New Testament authors. Anne has two grown children and lives with her husband, Hal, in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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